Redistribute your customer service with our insourcing offers
Our insourcing models offer new alternatives to the traditional model of customer services.
The distribution sector is facing two very different customer service challenges. On the one hand, the traditional players have long-standing internal contact centres whose infrastructures and fixed costs have become disadvantageous, but their agents have accrued many years of expertise. On the other, newer distributors, riding the new digital economy, have a leaner infrastructure but lack the expertise in customer service.

It’s clear that these challenges cannot be solved by the distributor alone, which is why CCA International has moved to close the gap by introducing an insourcing proposition for the distribution sector.

For those who wish to relieve the financial burden of investment needed to modernize their customer service, CCA International can take over the operation of the contact centre. Salaries and infrastructure are then paid by CCA International, and key staff are retained ensuring that expertise and knowledge of processes are not lost.

For those wishing to develop and upskill their internal workforce, CCA International can provide staff on a secondment basis to help with developing the service. The CCA International experts will act either as consultants or directly manage customers, all the while remaining our employees. This allows our partners to quickly build capabilities without substantial outlay on recruitment, HR and infrastructure.

In either case, CCA International delivers excellent customer service, while the distributor can focus on delivering their packages.

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Our Expertise

  • Retaining proximiy with business units
  • Reduction of overhead cost
  • Optimisation of customer management processes
  • Technical competence & flexibility
  • Extensive expert training
  • Retention of expertise