Taking the lead in lead generation
An expert in lead generation across digital and traditional channels.
At CCA International, we generate high quality leads for our clients. 80% of leads should convert into a test drive – minimum. Safa Amiri, Manager at CCA International, leaves nothing to chance.

Whether on the phone, on social networks or through chat, our teams generate concrete sales opportunities, which are shared with local dealerships in order to secure test drives of vehicles and ultimately purchase intent. These opportunities would not exist without our expertise in assessing customer needs and identifying vehicles and products that meet those needs.

The leads generated are of high quality due to a combination of product expertise and business expertise. The product expertise is in knowing all the models and specifications, down to the exact dimensions of each vehicle.

Business expertise comes from recording each call, spelling each ZIP code to confirm each lead, and back to the client after his visit to concession, but also after the purchase. Other sales campaigns include multilingual outbound calls, and multi-channel acquisition based on existing campaign data.

Social networks are central to the lead generation process. Typically, our community managers locate prospects based on their conversation or mentions of brands, before engaging in conversation with them, and encouraging them to visit the dealership for a test drive. They will look to capture a phone number in order that the dealership can then contact the prospect directly to make arrangements for the test drive.

On average, 10% of customer service chat sessions develop a lead, as do 10.5% of incoming calls, both reactivation of accounts that retention or loyalty programs.

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Our Expertise

  • Multichannel acquisition
  • Inbound & outbound
  • Multilingual outbound calls
  • Cross & Upsell campaign management
  • Appointment setting
  • Lead Nurturing & complete pipeline management solutions
  • Social Media Lead Generation