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Technical support from a partner with motoring in its DNA.
Who knows your car better than the manufacturer that designed it? The first reaction of the driver in case of failure is to directly contact the manufacturer before connecting with a local garage.

CCA International’s involvement with our automotive partners extends beyond lead generation and sales and encompasses after-sales and technical support.
So when a customer contacts the manufacturer to discuss parts, repairs or accessories, in fact it is CCA International who they speak to – providing expert advice and information and acting as the voice of the manufacturer for its customers. Agents receive extensive training and are very knowledgeable about the vehicles and associated parts. They are connected to the dealerships and garages in order to link customers with the right one for their needs.

Customers never know when they will need to ask for help, but at all times our agents are there to assist with their queries or issues, and we support some of the largest automotive brands in managing their customers support via telephone, email, mail and digital media.

With hundreds of technical requests from motorists received each day, our clients rely on our agents expertise, as do their customers. As Safa Amiri, Manager at CCA International, says "at first I did not know that much about cars. Now, customers tell me that I know more about their cars than their garage does! "

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