Omni-channel, new fuel in the tank for your customer relationship
Interact with customer on all channels in a way that suits them.
For many car owners, motoring is an integral part of their lives, so they are quick to engage in conversation regarding their own car, industry trends, new models, motorsport, etc. Our research suggests that, more than customers in other sectors of the economy, motorists engage with brands on social networks to criticize when customer service is not up to their expectations, but also to share this automotive passion, and even recommend brands. They will also be more likely to contact manufacturers immediately in the event of a problem, at any time of day or night.

Therefore an omni-channel model for a car manufacturer makes a great deal of sense as its customers (current and potential) are actively communicating across a wide range of platforms.

In addition to traditional channels like phone and email, CCA International brings real expertise in digital channels such as social networks, click to call, chat, and video chat. The key is that customer information is persistent across channels, so we can identify when we have interacted with the customer before and the topics discussed. The customer is not required to repeatedly volunteer the same information and their experience is greatly improved.

For the client, omni-channel delivers increased sales: the market insight and customer feedback from each channel is used to assess campaign success and inform future strategy. Social media is used to identify brand advocates and start conversations leading to appointments at dealerships, and thus generates highly qualified leads which convert very successfully.

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Our Expertise

  • Unification of lead management processes between channels
  • Consolidation of customer interactions, analytics and workflow
  • Real-Time customer engagement at every touch point
  • 24 hour support
  • Maping customer journey and detailing favorite touch points
  • Routing conversations to the suitable agent