Digital channels - the engine of customer engagement
Accompanying the motorist throughout their journey.
Connecting brands to potential customers on social media is particularly important for high-value products like automobiles. Our social media managers spend a lot of time researching, nurturing and engaging with potential purchasers, for brands such as Vauxhall (the English division of General Motors). The goal is to identify leads that can be converted into test drives at dealerships.

CCA International has developed solutions covering the entire digital customer experience, from chat, click-to-call and video call to review management and moderation, social media monitoring and engagement. We act as the eyes and ears of our automotive partners on social media and online.

The solutions are designed to provide a clear ROI for digital activity, measured in terms of number of test drives booked at dealerships, number of chats and click-to-calls successfully managed and number of e-brochures sent. We can also use our omni-channel activity to help our automotive clients plan their content strategies based on feedback from customers across digital and traditional channels.

In the cases where lead generation or customer service opportunities have been identified, our community managers will engage and maintain relationships with customers on social networks to develop trust in the brand and its vehicles. The support continues throughout the customer journey, whether the customer is visiting the manufacturer’s website, in the test drive process, or post-purchase through after-sales. Every day there are thousands of current and potential automotive customers who are identified and engaged by CCA International.

Our digital offering help steer our clients’ automotive customers throughout their journey.

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Our Expertise

  • Online chat lead management
  • Social Media
  • Lead Generation
  • Monitoring & tracking live conversations
  • E-reputation & brand sentiment management
  • Nurturing process to generate test drives
  • Customer enquiries management & real time engagement
  • Crisis Management