CCA international accelerates your internal resources
Thanks to our insourcing offers, give another dimension to your customer relationship centre.
Your contact centres represent unexpected opportunities.

To enable its clients to go further, CCA International has developed an exclusive range of “insourcing” solutions. In an insourcing relationship, a manufacturer’s contact centre and human resources are directly managed by CCA International, and we provide expert training from contact centre professionals in customer relationship management. We also focus on improving technical competence and modernising technology and processes.

The manufacturer is free to focus on the heart of their business: automotive.
It is possible to optimise these centres to the degree that agents can be mutualised – taking contacts from other parts of our clients business (or indeed from other clients) and thus reducing the costs to the original client. Several solutions are available: CCA International acts as a consultant to deliver increased efficiency and improved results, or assumes direct control of the contact centre.

In the consultancy model, CCA will assign resource to observe and work alongside the existing team and identify areas where processes can be optimised and resource better used. Employment and management of staff still sits with the client.

In the second model, CCA becomes the employer and manages the staff – all the client needs to provide is the existing office space and any proprietary systems needed.

In either model the intention is to provide a more efficient and successful contact centre which brings the advantage of proximity but with the benefits of outsourcing. Our achievements with insourcing to date enable us to put forward very favourable results to our partners: improved employee engagement and retention; diversification of services; and best-in-class interactions leveraging our contact centre expertise with our clients’ industry expertise.

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Our Expertise

  • Retaining proximiy with business units
  • Time management & improved productivity
  • Optimise duties & task management
  • Reduction of overhead cost
  • Retention of expertise
  • Up skill internal workforce