CCA International :
The new generation of customer experience©

We are CCA International

CCA International is the leading European provider in customer engagement that shakes traditions with an innovatively real-time customer service.We unify your traditional and digital channels to meet the new generation of customers interactions, on the platform and devices of their choice, for the only journey at your customers’ speed.

Our Mission

CCA International is committed to providing our clients and their customers with the next generation of customer interaction. This means delivering operational excellence, customer satisfaction and social responsibility, while implementing innovative tools, platforms and methods.


What makes us unique


We are where our clients’ customers are – no matter the time, location, language or channel. Our expert multi-disciplinary customer interaction teams are equally comfortable on the voice or digital channels, and can be quickly assigned to a specific channels depending on our clients’ priorities or to manage fluctuating contact volumes. This delivers flexibility for our clients and excellent service for their customers.


Our clients expect solutions that bring them a return on their investment, either by increasing sales, efficiency or generating savings. We always work with our clients to set ambitious KPIs that will help them measure and maximise return on investment.


CCA International has more than 20 years’ experience in European markets and boasts an experienced management team, expert in every aspect of customer interaction and with backgrounds in marketing, finance and legal. Senior consultants support our clients’ projects from first ideas to implementation and onwards into continuous performance optimisation.


Our ongoing success has been achieved by balancing the interests of four significant parties: our clients, our people, management team and shareholders. Finding and maintaining the correct balance has allowed us to build lasting and stable partnerships with clients and deliver great employee engagement and retention. Our clients trust us to provide their customers exceptional service; we trust our employees to go beyond those customers’ expectations; and in turn those customers trust our clients.